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  • Shade sail net
  • Shade sail net
  • Shade sail net
Shade sail netShade sail netShade sail net

Shade sail net

  • hdpe
  • life time 5 years
  • Product description: shade sail net is used for prevent the sunshine
Sunflower shade sails keep safe from harmful UV rays, available for triangular, rectangular, square, right angle triangular types, sizes and colors could be customized.
Model Triangular/ Rectangle shade sail
Material High density polyethene,HDPE Or Polyester
Size 3.0m,3.6m,5.0m,customized sizes
Color Green,Sand,Red,Blue,Orange...
Price 15~30USD for tringle/18~50USD for Rectangle
Payment terms T/T,L/C at sight
Packing 1pc/carry bag

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